Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten & Beyond

What is Begindergarten?

Every child deserves the best possible start to their education. However, for some students, the step from preschool (or no school) to kindergarten is a challenge. The child may be eligible for kindergarten, but not emotionally, socially, or academically ready.

Our Begindergarten program exists for these students. It is designed for families who want to ground their child with a strong foundation and set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Begindergarten prepares children for kindergarten by helping them understand what school is and how it works. As a result, students leave Begindergarten and enter kindergarten with confidence and self-esteem.

Marshalltown Christian School provides an excellent Christ centered education and allows the students to excel. The teachers think outside of the box and find ways for the students to use their own gifts to learn the material presented to them. The teachers teach compassion to the kids and are very compassionate people.

Reasons to Consider Begindergarten:

Frequently Asked Questions

What do students learn?
Each child is different and will learn whatever it is he or she needs to be ready for Kindergarten next year. 

What is the minimum age for Begindergarten?
Students must be 5 years of age by September 15th of the academic year. Begindergarten is not preschool, but a next step for students who are ready for more than preschool but not quite ready for kindergarten work.

Is Begindergarten part-time or full-time?
Whether Begindergarten is full or half- time (mornings only) depends on the needs of the child, including the child’s maturity and home life.

Is Begindergarten right for my child?
Begindergarten is not necessary for every student. Whether it is right for your child is a decision that should be based on their unique needs. Our Head of School, Bethany Wirin,  would be happy to meet with you and help you make a confident decision about your child’s next academic step. 

Give your child a great start.

Want to explore how MCS can help your child develop a strong foundation for life? Schedule a visit with our Head of School. She would be honored to answer your questions, explore your options, and show you around.