5th-8th Grade

Prepare Your Student for Life Beyond the Classroom

Developing Future-Ready Students & Leaders

Our goal at MCS is not to merely help kids reach academic benchmarks, but to invest in a generation of servant leaders who love God and are equipped to serve Him wherever they are called.

That’s why we place such an emphasis on developing students’ whole selves — head, heart, and hands. This approach is no more important than when students are approaching and entering their teen years.

It has all the ingredients that makes a school great. Loving and caring enviornment, personal attention and understanding that teachers provide here is like none elese. The academic program is challenging and keeps the kids up to the mark. We are so happy for making this choice!

The 5th-8th Grade Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MCS accredited?
Yes! MCS is fully accredited by Christian Schools International.

My child has a learning disability. Will he/she be accepted? 
This depends on your child’s specific needs. At this time the school does not have the staff or resources to accommodate more severe learning or behavioral difficulties. However, our Head of School would be happy to discuss your specific situation during a consultation

My child has dyslexia. Are you able to serve him/her?
Yes, as space allows. Teachers are trained to teach children with symptoms of dyslexia and other language processing disorders, enabling these children to become successful readers.

Take the Next Step

Schedule a visit to MCS and meet one-on-one with our Head of School. She would be honored to answer your questions, explore your options, and show you around.