Spiritual Formation

Investing in the Spiritual Growth & Development of Every Child

There is no neutral education.

Many parents begin their child’s school years believing the myth of neutral education. But they soon discover that their child is learning more in the classroom than mere academics. The beliefs and worldviews of educators, curriculum writers, and peers push their way into a child’s ears, head, and heart.

(This is in addition to what they are bombarded with through music, movies, and social media.)

One of your greatest responsibilities as a parent is to help your child unlearn falsehoods and ground themselves in the Truth of God’s Word. Marshalltown Christian School partners with parents to help them fulfill this important role. We do this by offering a quality, Bible-centered education and investing in the spiritual growth and development of every child.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we teach children to know, love, and enjoy God. Our teachers come alongside each student to explore their unique purpose in life and to encourage them in pursuing a relationship with the Lord.

What does this look like?

Here are a few specific ways MCS invests in developing servant leaders that are rooted in Truth and guided by Christian character.


Each morning begins with what we call “Aroma” — during which a rotating teacher and their class lead the school in reciting pledges to the Bible, Christian flag, and US flag. We also use this time to memorize Scripture together. We then pray, sing a worship song or hymn, and pray once more. This 15-20 minute experience sets the tone for a God-honoring day.


Chapel services — held on Wednesdays from 11:15 - 11:45 — include a message from a local pastor or another godly person, along with a song and prayer.

Bible class — “Scripture & Faith"

Classroom teachers share a Bible lesson for their class each day. Beyond Bible class, you'll find Scripture and/or biblical world view incorporated into our curricula and instruction. Spiritual questions are invited in every class.

Service Projects

One of the service projects our students do each year is packaging several thousand meals for the Emergency Food Box. Students, teachers, staff members and volunteers all work together to bless our community in this way.

An Agenda to Develop Students with Skills & Character

These formative years matter. Next to the time spent at home, the hundreds of hours your student spends at school will likely have the greatest influence on their development.

Will this time prepare them — both academically and spiritually — for the next step?